Gulyás János és Társa Kft.


Széchenyi 2020 pályázati támogatás

Name of the beneficiary: Gulyás János és Társa Kereskedelmi Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Name of the project: Capacity enhancement on Felgyő, at Gulyás és Társa Kft.

Amount of contracted support: 121.250.000 HUF

Extent of support (in %): 50%

Presentation of the project’s content:

In the past 15 years, our firm has grown into one of the biggest enterprises of its kind, in the region. Before it, the Gulyás Kft. was engaged to commercial activities. It had marketed food products which it had sold to its partners through the whole county and the region. Besides the above mentioned, the business policy of the enterprise is providing adequate quality, evolving worthy working conditions and satisfying employees by reaching the highest possible rate of energy-saving operation.

The main part of its activity is meat processing, preparing butchery- and meat products. The family-owned enterprise is one of the biggest employer of the region, with its 16 people. From 2014, a new packaging function was introduced, which resulted the construction of a packaging plant from a disused, abandoned building in Felgyő. The packaging as a service, started in 2015, products of customers’ need are recorded and packed in the requested size and quantity. Significant income from this activity has not been generated yet, but the service is unique in the region. The usage of the hall – made by support of the European Union (site development) – is not 100%, but it is suitable for approaching with means of transport and provides high-quality conditions for work and production. The development affected by the tender is such a great progress in the chain of SMEs, which helps to improve the processing production technology in a way that results in an increase in added value in case of a product with a higher level of processing. The value chain concept puts the firm’s activity organization in a new light. With the new activity, our goal is to occupy a key role in the non-working segment of the manufacturing industry in the region. In manufacturing industry and in commerce, packaging material is a popular and widely used product, producers buy the packaging tools as finished products. Our main goal is to produce these products (packing trays, packing boxes, etc.) from recycled materials, thus achieving the reduction of environmental harms. By producing packaging material, producers in the region get to the necessary supplies in a more favorable way, they can package with hungarian, recycled products.

With the help of the tender, the following production lines were purchased:

Plastic packaging material producer VTSZ 8477 production line – A machine, not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter, that processes rubber or plastic, or products that are made from these materials.

From local producers and from previous business relationships and gained experiences, we, at Gulyás és Társa Kft. saw the market gap in recycled packaging materials.

The condition of getting to the national or foreign market of the local products is that they offer them in a customer-oriented size, quantity and appearance attractively. It is also important to keep the principles of environmental sustainability in mind, thus the demand for recycled materials favors the project’s plan. The experience we had gained during our commercial activity strenghtened the demand for development, because many products need good packaging material for cost-effective delivery and display. Producers can sell more finished goods, they can prevail more effectively in price competition. With the start out of the production, there is an opportunity to introduce a wider product range and to produce self-developed, packaging materials (trays, plates) that are sought on the market. The field of application of the products expands to food industry, agriculture and other fields of light industry. Professional and labor resources are available, the well-trained specialists can supply the operation of the production line and additional tasks. An unused warehouse is appropriate for storing products and loading is done by the existing employees.

With the development, the production of packaging materials (food industrial tray, plate, box, packaging sheets for agricultural use, trays) were achieved.

Raw materials, recycled by production can be materialized in a wide range – in industry, agriculture, manufacturing and commercial activities. Production lines applying the modernest technologies and using informatical opportunities help the production of up-to-date products, which is modularly and separately expandable with the help of demand growth. For the development there is no need for outline plans, the production hall is available, the infrastructure is given. Our existing partners (local producers, food producers, commercial partners) have continuously indicated their demands for a local, high capacity packaging production based on recycled material. Concerning this demand, the management of Gulyás és Társa Kft. planned the producer’s intention, which can reach a new customer base besides the existing market segment. As a result of the project, in the region – Felgyő, Csongrád county – a unique production capacity is created. The new service, the production of the packaging material happens according to size and quality. The introduced service helps the market entry of the local producers and processors. With the appropriate appearance, with higher added value, a wider market segment can be reached. Production predicts a short pay-back time based on the survey of the feedbacks of customer base. The project elements of the development are purchasing and commissioning the machine. With the assembly of the production line and commission, production started, the acquisition and test of the materials fulfilled without cost accounting, but from own power during the time of milestones.

Finishing date of the project: 30.4.2017

Identification number of project: GINOP-1.2.1-15-2015-00771

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