Gulyás János és Társa Kft.

Slaughterhouse and meat plant of Felgyő

Homely taste from the heart of Alföld, directly from the slaughterhouse of Felgyő.

Premium domestic products

Minőségi termékek


Development to help the adaption to modern production challenges at Gulyás János és Társa Kft.

Széchenyi 2020 pályázati támogatás


Capacity enhancement on Felgyő, at the Gulyás és Társa Kft.

New meat product family development

In the slaughterhouse of Felgyő, at Gulyás János és Társa Kft. meat product families contain complex herbal-extracts, have intensified antioxidant content and reduced amount of preservatives.

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Hungarian quality products!

Buy from a domestic producer and help the boom of the hungarian’s economy. In the slaughterhouse of Felgyő, at Gulyás János és Társa Kft., the quality and the satisfied customer is our labor of love. We work exclusively with  inspected materials. At a reasonable price, you can make your order easily through our modern webshop, and our couriers would take the selected products to your home in 1-2 workdays.

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