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1) is the official and exclusive website (hereinafter: website) of Gulyás János és Társa Kft. slaughterhouse and meat plant (hereinafter Owner).

2) Usage of any parts of the contents placed on the website can be used only with the permission of the Owner’s prior written permission. The Owner’s permission is not needed according to the summons of Act No. LXXVI. of 1999 (hereinafter: Szjt), however in this case the source and the author’s name should be indicated by the User as:

In case of any use, the usage can not exceed the extent justified by the purpose, furthermore it can not serve the purpose of generating income or increasing income indirectly.

3) Documents that are placed on the website and designated clearly for public usage (freely downloadable) are free to use under the following conditions. User is entitled to use only for own purpose, which excludes reproduction, distribution, emission and making available electronically. Using for own purpose can not tend to generate revenue even directly or indirectly. The source and the author’s name should be indicated by the User as:

4) It is forbidden to publish any of the posts based on news agency resources that are found the Website.

5) Most of the logos, trademarks, graphic elements, design are under copyright and are the intellectual property of the Owner and its contracted partners. Copyright holders reserve all rights. Unauthorized usage implies criminal and civil consequences, in which the Owner can demand the infringement’s cessation and the compensation for damage.

6) The creator of the Website and the Owner do not take responsibility for the possible errors that are found in the content, program codes, or in the downloadable parts and damages based on these errors.


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