Our main task is to serve the market, to assess and maintain customer satisfaction, to expand our product range, to constantly improve our activities and to automate production. Preservation of Hungarian flavours and traditional Hungarian folklore products according to old recipes to satisfy your demand.

From family business to tradition

The main building, the windmill, was built in 1886. The meat processing plant is within these walls and has been expanded. In 1993, it began its innovative development as a slaughterhouse and meat plant. Currently we produce our products under ISO 22000:2005 HACCP certification. Culinary products are made according to a manufactory. We are a Hungarian owned company, which is today one of the most dominant meat industry players on the market.

We have our own slaughterhouse and packaging plant. Over the last years we have slaughtered and processed 10,500 pigs, on average the slaughterhouse processes 100 pigs per day, but this number is constantly increasing. We are committed to producing quality products and we are constantly improving our plant with the most advanced technical equipment. 

25 types of own products

We currently produce 17 different types of smoked sausages, hams, pig knuckles, loin, liver sausage, salami and roast meats, smoked-cooked-cured belly pork and 8 types of bacon. Our high-quality finished products, cold cuts and hams, are produced on modern slicing and vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging lines for our commercial partners. An important part of our portfolio are Hungarian flavours based on old recipes and traditional Hungarian folklore products.

Extensive market presence

We have a successful webshop, supplying our retail customers with fresh meat products, in whole or in cuts and cured forms, but we also supply half-pigs with the skin on that require further cutting. Our satisfied partners include a wide range of complex institutions from the public sector, and we are also increasingly appearing in retail outlets with our genuine quality Hungarian meat and meat products. 



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